Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Next Trip

May 6, 2011

Colorado Springs is about one hour south of Aurora. My MIL lives there and we try to get down there as often as possible. My husband took Saturday off this weekend too so that we could have a whole weekend together. We went down and stayed at my MIL's house and had a whole weekend of adventures.


We got a late start and didnt rush too quickly down south. We stopped in for our Hello's and then we were back on the road to Cave of the Winds. ($18/ea adult, 4 year old was free), which is about 15 minutes out side of the Springs. I had been there before, but this was the first time for Grace and her daddy. They enjoyed it, it was the same tour I had been on before, so I was less than mystified. Still a good time.


The hubby and I left the little moster with grandma while we went for an early morning hike in Cheyenne Mountain Park, which is also about 15 min outside of the Springs. Park entrance is free. Beautiful way to start the morning, especially so early in the season.

For the afternoon we took a trip to Dinosaur Resouce Center in Woodland Park, ($30 for 3 people) about 45ish minutes from town. I was expecting a whole lot more than what we got and I was really disappointed. It had very minimal exhibits, and I felt that it should have been less expensive for what you got. There was some cool things; there are huge turtle fossils ( I LOVE turtles) and you can actually touch some of the fossils. Other than that, not a lot to look at. We did get a cool picture of me and the hubby lifting Gracie into a faux dinosaur's mouth($10). Needless to say we didnt stay long.

On the way back to town we stopped in Downtown Manitou Springs where there is a huge, cool aracade. The arcade has about 4-5 shops full of old and new video games. They have little kiddie rides outside. I think the husband and I both pulled out $10 a piece and played on that.

Since we were staying at the MIL's house we didnt eat out.

Total spending for the whole 2 days = $96

Better than sitting at home watching TV all day ( :

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  1. Have you been to Garden of the Gods?? It is beautiful and FREE!!! :)